Launching Tidepool Warehouse Native!

Peter Gao
Apr 24, 2024

Launching Tidepool Warehouse Native!

We’re excited to announce that Tidepool now connects directly to your data warehouse! Now you can get started with analysis of your text within minutes and automatically sync Tidepool’s outputs back to your data warehouse, all without storing sensitive data outside of your cloud environment.

The existing business intelligence stack has been effective in helping teams drive decisions with data, but it is primarily geared towards analyzing structured / tabular data. Meanwhile, 90% of company data is unstructured, which is an untapped gold mine of insights that teams have yet to take advantage of!

Tidepool is a tool for analyzing large text datasets. Tidepool lets you categorize and surface patterns in text so you can derive valuable insights with your existing business intelligence workflow. Tidepool analyzes chat conversations, user feedback, LLM prompts,
and more, helping you make better decisions for your business. Answer questions like, “what topics tend to have the highest engagement?" or "what types of support tickets tend to not be resolved?" over text datasets of 100M+ rows.

Tidepool Warehouse Native allows analytics teams to easily integrate text analytics into their existing data warehouse and business intelligence stack without having to move large quantities of data or deal with the minutiae of data pipelining and syncing. Instead, teams can connect Tidepool to their data warehouse and start running analyses within minutes without storing sensitive data externally to their organization, speeding up the analytics process and preserving the security of their data.

To get started, take a look at our docs here! Tidepool Warehouse Native supports Redshift and BigQuery on launch, with more integrations coming soon!