Tidepool Now Integrates With Snowpark Container Services

Peter Gao
Jun 3, 2024

Tidepool Now Integrates With Snowpark Container Services

We’re excited to announce that Tidepool can now run within Snowpark Container Services! Our continued partnership with Snowflake makes it even easier for analytics teams to derive valuable insights from production scale text datasets that they have stored in Snowflake.

Tidepool creates structured categories from unstructured text data so that you can derive insights on that data with your existing business intelligence stack. Tidepool’s interface allows non-ML experts (product managers, marketing, executives, etc.) to self-serve answers to business questions from that text data without fiddling around with prompt engineering. However, much of this text data is highly sensitive - customers want to answer business questions from this data without sacrificing data privacy.

Tidepool’s integration into Snowpark Container Services allows users to leverage the analytics power of Tidepool on their text data while keeping the security and data governance guarantees of their Snowflake environment. Tidepool runs directly within your Snowflake Data Cloud, connects to your Snowflake warehouse where your text is stored, surfaces patterns and categorizations on demand on that text, and writes back categorizations to tables within Snowflake for further analysis within your existing business intelligence workflow.

Tidepool users can derive business-critical insights for a variety of text use cases:

  • User prompts from chatbot interfaces. What are the most common workflows that users are trying to accomplish with your chatbot? What type of prompts correlate with thumbs-up / thumbs-down feedback?
  • Support ticket triage. What type of tickets do not tend to get successfully resolved? What topics are trending in new support tickets?
  • Product feedback analytics. Which products and features tend to have high sentiment vs low sentiment? What are the most requested feature requests and most encountered bug reports?

If you’d like to run Tidepool in your Snowflake environment, please contact us here https://www.tidepool.so/schedule-a-demo to get started!