Product analytics
for AI apps

AI-based text interfaces unlock a new way to interact with software.
Tidepool finds patterns in user text interactions to help you make better product decisions.

Find patterns in a sea of text

Discover how users actually use your product without manually digging through interaction events. Answer questions like:

  • What topics do users talk about?
  • Which languages are most popular?
  • What actions should be turned into shortcuts?

Automated insights with embeddings

Tidepool uses embeddings to cluster together similar text and surface important attributes in the data, all with minimal human intervention.

Use an intuitive visual interface to expand out subcategories of interest and drill into the text of specific conversations. No need to write SQL or code to find what you want.

Tidepool helped us uncover user behavior patterns that would have been difficult to find otherwise. We immediately used those insights to develop a feature that simplified the way users interacted with Mutiny.
Nikhil Mathew
CTO, Mutiny

Measure what Matters

  • Automatically categorize new user interactions according to the attributes you define.
  • Track trends in user activity and uncover shifting behavior over time.
  • Correlate text attributes to product metrics so you can make better product decisions.

Works with your data

Whether it’s a SDK, CDP, or reverse-ETL, you can integrate into Tidepool with the data infrastructure you already have.

Try it out for yourself

Start refining your product–market fit with Tidepool!